Mothers who Mothers Group.

Oh how I have neglected my blog! I must apologise to you all… it has been a tough couple of weeks and no I am not pregnant, I am simply struggling for motivation. I would say I am in a deep rut, similar to the one I found myself in last time I was trying to conceive, this time however we are looking to IVF and I’ll be sure to share that journey, with you.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some of the positives in my life lately, one being that I recently had the pleasure to attend an amazing wedding at Monselvat in Eltham. Wow was it the most beautiful setting for an even more beautiful couple!

The stunning bride is actually a friend I met in my Mother’s Group and to be a part of something so special was amazing. And this got me thinking…

Why do Mother’s Groups get a bad rap?

Before I had Hutch, a lot of Mums had very negative things to say about Mother’s Groups:

“They are so judgmental”

“It’s just a way for people to feel bad/good about their parenting”

“It just made me sure my child was advanced.”

There was so much negativity that it honestly made me dread my first Mother’s Group meeting, I told my husband I didn’t want to go, that I had enough Mum friends and didn’t need any more.

I was I wrong! Let’s add this to the list of things I was so very wrong about before I had my little man.

I absolutely love my Mother’s Group, it made me feel safe, confident and most of all it made me realise I was not alone.

Everyone went through the exact same hardships, sleep deprivation and anxiety that I went through. I found that my Mother’s Group was so far from judgmental, in fact when I decided to stop breastfeeding they were all totally supportive.

We all rolled our eyes, together, when the Maternal Health Nurse gave dinosaur-age-old advice; we shared in the shock when VicSafe came to talk about child dangers in the home (side note: did you know babies commonly drown in dog water bowls, yeah well I didn’t and I can tell you right now a few things changed in our home, overnight) and we laughed and laughed when baby after baby would spew, poo or burp.

If I ever felt compelled to give a new Mum advice it would be to embrace your Mother’s Group because these women are an incredible support network.

Let’s face it, being a new Mum can be lonely and days need to be filled, where possible, with coffee dates and park catch ups. Not to mention our babies will all grow up together, we live in the same area so potentially will go to the same kinder, the same primary school etc.

I hope to cherish the friendships I have made for many years to come…


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